Pinot Gris

This wine is known for its fruity aroma, which is obtained through the traditional way of production. It is a wine for connoisseurs because it stands out with its authenticity.



Following the experience of past times, great results are being achieved that give more striking flavors: this way, the chardonnay becomes a high-class wine, rich, fresh and with a durable taste.



By producing wine through the best family tradition, ancient fruit aromas and flavors from our country are retrieved from clusters. The Istrian Malvasia was nominated as the best autochthonous variety in Croatia.


Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is of a very nice ruby red color. It has a winy smell and harsh, open and clean bouquet. Excellent wine for roasted red meats, poultry and game. Meant to be served at 18-20°C.


Muscat White

Of a beautiful yellow colour with golden reflections, it is represented by its characteristic aroma; it is pleasant on the palate, rich and harmonious. This is the wine of meditation. Served at 12°C, it follows gourmet pastries and desserts, but it can also be
served as an aperitif.



Merlot is of a ruby red colour with purple shades. It has a pleasant bouquet of pungent taste, balanced with a pleasant bitter background. Great wine for roasts, poultry, noble savages. Meant to be served at 18°C.


Rose is pink, clear and playable. Of a delicate fragrance, it has a light and caressing fruity taste. Appreciated wine designed for light starters, refined white meat, young cheeses. Meant to be served at 14-16°C.